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Walking tracks

Graded walking tracks

The Lord Howe Island Permanent Park Preserve (LHI PPP) has a network of graded tracks to enable access to much of the island. Tracks are graded to Australian Standard AS 2156.1-2001 (Walking Tracks Part 1: Classification and signage) and vary in difficulty.

Access to the Mt Eliza track is closed from September to the end of March to reduce disturbance to nesting Sooty Terns. Visitor access to Mt Gower is only permitted with a licensed guide.


Walk-through boot scrub stations are positioned at the commencement of tracks into the southern mountains to reduce the threat of Phytophthora invasion. Please ensure you scrub and dip your boots and tips of walking poles when accessing these tracks.

Map of walking tracks

A walking track network brochure is available from the Lord Howe Island Board's Administration Office.