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Public facilities

Facilities for use of visitors and residents

The Lord Howe Island Board provides and maintains facilities in public open spaces for the use and enjoyment of visitors and residents.

These facilities include:

  • BBQ/picnic areas at Ned's Beach, Old Settlement, North Bay, The Pines, the Aquatic Club, the Playground, the boat ramp and Cobby's Corner. Most BBQs are wood-fired, although there are gas/electric BBQs at North Bay, the Playground and Ned's Beach;
  • Public toilets at the Public Hall, Ned's Beach, Old Settlement, North Bay and the Playground;
  • A children's playground with swings and climbing equipment;
  • Outdoor fitness equipment;
  • Amphitheatre;
  • Sports oval;
  • A swimming pontoon located at The Pines; and
  • Bike racks at numerous locations around the island.