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Implementation of the rodent eradication project

The one-off eradication plan involved the distribution of a cereal-based bait pellet (Pestoff 20R) containing 0.02g/kg (20 parts per million) of the toxin Brodifacoum across the LHIG (excluding Balls Pyramid).

Methods of distribution included dispersal from helicopters using an under-slung bait spreader bucket in the uninhabited parts of the island- most of the LHIG- and a combination of hand broadcasting and the placement of bait stations in the settlement area.

In dwellings, like in ceiling spaces or floor spaces), bait trays and bait stations were used.

Bait stations were also used inside paddocks for any remaining livestock e.g. the remaining dairy herd, cattle and horses.

Given the size and rugged terrain of the LHIG, the exclusive use of bait stations was not deemed feasible for the eradication project.