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Lord Howe Island Marine Park

Lord Howe Island Marine Park

The Lord Howe Island Marine Park (LHIMP) occurs in NSW State waters surrounding Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid and is internationally significant, with the world's southern-most true coral reef and the only fringing coral reef lagoon in NSW. The convergence of the warm and cool ocean currents creates an extraordinary mix of colourful tropical and temperate marine life.

The park is home to more than 500 species of fish, over 90 species of coral, turtles, sharks, dolphins and countless other marine creatures, many of which are only found in the region.

Importance to the Island

The marine park is of social, cultural and economic importance to the island and tourists from around the world visit the marine park to swim, snorkel, dive, fish, kayak, explore and holiday. Commercial activities include charter fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, sightseeing cruises and beach activities.

Park management

The management plan for the LHIMP protects marine biodiversity and areas of social and economic importance, and provides for ecologically sustainable use and public enjoyment of this World Heritage listed marine park. The Zoning Map and User Guide provide information about the zoning arrangements and management rules in the park.

Commonwealth waters

The Lord Howe Marine Park (Commonwealth waters) extends beyond the 3 nautical mile limit of the State water park and covers 110,126 square kilometres. This marine park includes Elizabeth Reef and Middleton Reef which are unique areas home to the rare and gentle black rockcod and green turtle amongst other protected species.


Lord Howe Island Marine Park
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