Liquor Store

The Liquor Store has been established for more than thirty years and provides a wide range of wines, beers and spirits on a retail basis for the general public and is the Island's only wholesale supplier to restaurants, shops and other licensed premises.

The Liquor Store is located beside the Board's Administrative Office in Bowker Avenue, and generally operates Monday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm for retail customers.

While providing a profitable source of revenue for the Board, the Liquor Store also provides a valuable service to the Island community and to its many visitors. Operational profits are directed entirely towards provision of visitor facilities, public services, environmental management and asset renewal for the benefit of the community at large. The impact of the burden of these profits is spread widely across the local community including visiting tourists and avoids the very small local community bearing the full burden of alternate forms of revenue raising to fund Board activities. The Liquor Store Manager can be contacted by Phone: (02)6563-2066 extension 17, Fax: (02)6563-2142 or Email at