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About the Lord Howe Island Board

The Lord Howe Island Board is a statutory authority established under the provisions of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 (the Act).

The Board is responsible to the NSW Minister for the Environment and comprises four Islanders elected by the local community and three members appointed by the Minister.

It is charged with the care, control, and management of the Island and the affairs and trade of the Island. It is also responsible for the care, improvement, and welfare of the Island residents.

The Act sets out the Board's Charter and functions and establishes the Permanent Park Preserve.

In the exercise and discharge of its powers, authorities, duties, and functions the Board shall be subject in all respects (except in so far as it makes a report or recommendation) to the direction and control of the Minister administering the Act.

The Lord Howe Island Regulation 2014gives effect to the Act.

The staff of the Board are employed by the NSW Government under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.

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