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Planning controls

Environmental policies and plans

The Lord Howe Island Board has developed a number of policies relating to environmental planning and assessment on the Island. The policies provide clear, consistent management objectives and operational procedures. The policies are reviewed to reflect changes in legislation, government policy, changed status or improved knowledge on an issue.

There are also some environmental plans that directly relate to planning on the Island.


The Lord Howe Island Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP) places a limit on the number of dwellings to which the Board may give consent. Clause 26 of the LEP states:

“No more than a total of 25 dwellings during a period of 20 years commencing on 28 October 2005.”

Development Control Plan

The Lord Howe Island Development Control Plan PDF 2.5 MB (DCP) provides guidelines, objectives and controls for certain types of development on Lord Howe Island.

The DCP is to be read in conjunction with the Lord Howe Island Local Environment Plan 2010 and any relevant State Environmental Planning policies, the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Australian Standard that may apply to all or part of the proposed development.

The DCP includes detailed principles for design context, including slope and soil stability, building orientation, climate, visual amenity, bulk and scale, building forms, materials and colours, energy and water efficiency, landscaping design and site access and parking.

The DCP will be reviewed and amended as part of a comprehensive review of planning controls for Lord Howe Island.

Information regarding leases, subdivision and easements can be found on the NSW Land Registry Services website.

Local Environmental Plan

The Lord Howe Island Local Environment Plan 2010 (LEP) is made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and controls planning and development on the Island.

The LEP makes reference to maps deposited in the office of the Board. These maps are available for public access.

    Minor update of the LEP Stage 1 – Planning Proposal
    • On 4 February 2022, minor updates to the LEP outlined in the Stage 1 Planning Proposal were incorporated into the LEP.

    The Planning Proposal made the following amendments:

    • Deletion of the current dual occupancy restriction related to occupation by family members only
    • Update reference to the LHI Vegetation Rehabilitation Plan, to remove a date reference
    • New clause requiring consideration of impacts of development that is in the vicinity of a heritage item
    • Four amendments related to definitions and associated LEP zoning provisions
    • Addition of two exempt development provisions, being for roof-mounted solar energy systems and chicken pens/foul and poultry houses
    • Addition of Recreation Area and Boatsheds as a permissible use in Zone 7 – Environment Protection and associated LEP references, including modification of the boatshed definition to acknowledge existing community and private boatshed uses
    • Eight site-specific re-zonings and associated zone map changes