Food Safety

The Lord Howe Island Board (LHIB) has a statutory obligation to implement food safety standards on the Island. The Board has developed a Food Safety Program which aims to minimise the risks associated with the consumption of food sold on the Island.

Every business selling food on the Island must notify the NSW Food Authority and may be inspected periodically by an Environmental Health Officer without notice. Each food business must pay an annual administration charge. The charge is based on the size of the business and the number of full-time equivalent food handlers. This charge includes one routine inspection of the food business each year.

The Food Safety inspection ensures compliance with applicable food legislation and provides an opportunity to educate food handling staff and business proprietors on food safety. 

The introduction of good food safety practices not only reduces the risks associated with food poisoning but also promotes customer confidence, which can have a flow on effect to increased business trade.

Enquiries and Complaints

The Board's Environmental Health Officer is available to offer professional advice and instruction on food-related matters to proprietors of food businesses, food handling staff and the general public. Enquiries and complaints are important as it assists in the regulation of food businesses and in directing the content of future educational programs.  

Enquiries and complaints can be directed to the LHIB Manager Environment & Community Development on 02 65632066 or Mark Derwent, Environmental Health Officer - Food Safety, Port Macquarie Hastings Council on 02 65818082. Alternatively you can contact the LHIB Chief Executive Officer:

Lord Howe Island Board Administration Office
Bowker Avenue/PO Box 5
Lord Howe Island NSW 2898
Phone: +61 2 65632066 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm)
Fax: +61 2 65632127


The Board will investigate general complaints about food businesses, however food borne illness (food poisoning) complaints should be directed to the NSW Food Authority.