The exceptional natural beauty of Lord Howe Island, characterised by a diversity of distinct landscapes and wide variety of rare flora and fauna, has long been appreciated by community.

Its unique qualities received worldwide recognition when it was included in the World Heritage list in December 1982.

The Environment & Community Development section of the Lord Howe Island Board is responsible for the protection, enhancement and promotion of the Islands natural environment, cultural heritage, and World Heritage values. 

The section is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans including the Strategic Plan for Management of the Lord Howe Island Group World Heritage Property, the Permanent Park Preserve Plan of Management, Lord Howe Island Biodiversity Management Plan and Community-based Cultural Heritage Study.

The section carries out operational programs including weed and feral animal control, walking track and visitor facility management, licensing of tour operators, environmental rehabilitation, interpretation, and flora and fauna research priorities and management.  

Planning, implementation and management of major ecological projects, which may be funded through external grant funding, including the rodent and weed eradication programs is a large component of the section's responsibilities.

The section also manages all statutory land administration and environmental planning and oversees the development assessment and planning process through an external Planning Consultant. 

The Lord Howe Island User Guide provides you with the essential information you need to explore, enjoy and protect Lord Howe Island. Conserving the world heritage values of the island relies on the combined efforts of island residents, government and visitors alike.