The Lord Howe Island Board is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the island's electricity generation and transmission system with an underground electrical reticulation system servicing 275 customers. The electricity generation system is housed in a centrally located powerhouse and consists of 3 x 300kW MTU Detroit Series 60 diesel generating units. In addition to this there is 1 x 425 kW MTU Detroit Series 70 diesel generating unit that provides backup power in the event of major failure of the Series 60 generators.

The underground electrical reticulation system is designed for a HV transmission voltage of 11kV but is currently utilized at a transmission voltage of 6.6 kV. Ten kiosk style substations convert this HV transmission voltage to a nominal 415 / 240 volt 3 phase supply which is then transmitted locally to all customers.

Distillate fuel is stored in 4 x 16,000 litre underground fuel tanks at the powerhouse and is delivered fortnightly by a contracted Lord Howe Island Sea Freight shipping agent.

Electrical hotwater booster load is controlled by a frequency injection control system which limits the operational hours of the electrical booster systems to non- peak periods. This system is monitored on a 24 hour basis and adjusted to suit changing seasonal load profiles.

All electrical installations on the island must comply with local Lord Howe Island Electrical Service Rules which regulate electrical installations and connections in order to ensure a reliable, stable electrical supply for all customers. All electrical installations must also comply with AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical Wiring Rules. All new electrical installations, additions or alterations to electrical services require the submission of appropriate application forms to allow a thorough assessment to be undertaken for these works.

All customer installations are fitted with standardized electrical demand metering and customers are charged on a quarterly basis for all electrical consumption. Presently there are two tariff classifications to cover all customers on a domestic or commercial basis. There is no off peak hotwater tariff available to customers.

The Lord Howe Island Board strongly encourages energy efficient installations and appliances for all customers in order to minimize the use of diesel fuel and to assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electrical enquiries (including Dial Before Dig, Electrical Contractors and electrical safety queries), should be directed to the Board's Senior Electrical Officer, on phone 02 65632080 or greg.higgins@lhib.nsw.gov.au.

The Board’s Electricity Network Safety Management System - Annual Performance Report and Bushfire Risk Management Report  report can be downloaded from the Reports page. 

Lord Howe Island Electricity Supply Service Rules PDF 372 KB

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Application for New Installation Form PDF 177 KB

Notification of Additions/Alterations to Supply Form PDF 168 KB

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