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Stay updated with the development of the Lord Howe Island Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

Community members are invited to help create a shared vision for the future of Lord Howe. Workshops are being held in February 2024 to assist in the development of our Community Strategic Plan (CSP), and all members of the Lord Howe Island community are encouraged to participate.

What is a Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

A CSP is a plan created in collaboration with the community to guide long-term decision-making. It outlines priorities, aspirations, and strategies for social, environmental, economic, and civic leadership over the next 10 years. The Lord Howe Island CSP will guide the Board’s delivery of services, plans and projects.

Once finalised, our CSP will establish high-level objectives and strategies for achieving those objectives, addressing four key questions for the Lord Howe Island community.

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be in ten years’ time? 
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know that we have arrived?

Why participate?

The CSP process ensures strategic planning is undertaken in an integrated and planned way. It is widely recognised as best practice for understanding community, governmental and legislative priorities as they apply to future planning and service delivery.

These workshops are a major step in collecting and validating community input before preparation of a draft CSP. They are an opportunity for every member of our community to actively contribute to shaping our future. 

Your insights, ideas, and perspectives will be used to finalise a Community Strategic Plan that reflects the aspirations and needs of our community.

What will the CSP cover?

Engagement activities that can inform a CSP have been taking place since 2010. This collated community feedback will form the basis of the plan. 

Between 2003 and 2023, 73 engagements have been documented. Themes have remained consistent over that time:

  • community wellbeing and social interaction
  • natural environment
  • services and amenities
  • Island character and heritage
  • Island economy and employment
  • infrastructure and transport
  • planning, development and housing
  • sport, recreation and entertainment

How will this change the way the LHIB operates?

The introduction of a CSP will influence LHIB operations and refinement of a service delivery model driven by community need.

This ensures that Board decisions and resource allocations are aligned with strategic priorities based on community needs and state priorities, fostering a more responsive and accountable local governance. 

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