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Fees and charges

The Board may charge and recover an approved fee for any service it provides, in accordance with Part 3, Section 15 of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 and the Board's Pricing Policy.

Pricing policy

The Board's Pricing Policy has been developed to improve transparency in the setting of fees and charges. The Policy articulates the reasoning behind the Board's decision to impose a fee or service charge.

The Pricing Policy is based on six key criteria:

  1. Statutory rates;
  2. Zero cost recovery;
  3. Partial cost recovery;
  4. Full cost recovery;
  5. Commercial business activity; and
  6. Demand management.

In developing the fees and charges these criteria have been incorporated into the Schedule to show the basis for the charge and the rationale as to why the service has been included into one of the above-mentioned criteria.