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Community Information Session - Telstra's Proposed Mobile Phone Microcell

Community Information Session

Topic: Telstra’s proposed mobile phone microcell

Thursday 10th November 2022 (4:30pm-5:30pm)
Community Hall

An information session is being held regarding a proposal for a mobile phone microcell for Lord Howe Island, followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the proponents.

All interested persons are invited to attend.


As part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspot program, Telstra identified a need to provide coverage to Lord Howe Island, and granted funding under round 5 of the program.

The proposal was presented to the LHI Board during the open session of the September 2022 Board meeting with a request for owners consent to install a black-spot funded tower on the island.

Mobile Phone Proposal (PDF)(8.82 MB)

Following the board meeting, the LHIB invited feedback on the proposal for a 4-week period (21st October – 18th November 2022), to be presented to the December 2022 Board meeting to inform their decision.

Telstra & Downer (the manager of the project) will be hosting a Q&A session for the community on Thursday 10th November from 4:30pm-5:30pm at the community hall.

Feedback collected through the abovementioned process prior to the meeting will be sent to Telstra prior to the meeting to be addressed during the Q&A. If you have not yet made a submission, or have any questions on notice for this session, please provide them to the LHIB by Tuesday 8th November COB via email to [email protected] or mail to:

Lord Howe Island Board
PO Box 5
Lord Howe Island NSW 2898


Suzie Christensen
Chief Executive Officer

03 November 2022