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RAAF Support — Community Contingency Plan

15 Sep 2022

Following the biosecurity event that occurred at Birdon on 8th September, the LHIB reached out to the RAAF to explore the option of utilising the scheduled RAAF training event to facilitate the delivery of Birdon freight associated with essential services required by the island.

Late yesterday afternoon (14th September 5.30pm) we were informed that the RAAF could assist.

Freight important to our Lord Howe Island community contingency plan has been prioritised for the flight. A lot of hard work has been done today by ELGAS and Birdon, working together with the RAAF to ensure permits are in place for hazardous goods delivery. The remainder of the aircraft hold will be utilised to facilitate the delivery of flour, and any perishable Birdon freight.

While we have been working with RAAF to secure a flight, we would like to thank Eastern Airlines for supporting businesses and residents that made other commercial arrangements during the period of uncertainty.

Weather permitting, the RAAF are expected to arrive at 3pm tomorrow.  Freight delivery will be undertaken by Birdon and any questions should be directed to Mark Turner.

We would like to extend a very big thank you to the RAAF for their continued assistance and cooperation as we work with Birdon to ensure the best possible outcomes for the community whilst maintaining appropriate biosecurity for the island.

Yours Sincerely
Debbie Johnsen
Acting Chief Executive Officer
15 September 2022