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Spring myrtle rust inspections complete

Field teams from the ECS department completed a round of myrtle rust searches in October, covering both the settlement and transects within the PPP. No signs of myrtle rust were detected during the inspections.

The last active myrtle rust spores were seen on 17 March 2023.

With the highly infectious exotic fungus being most active during warmer weather, additional seasonal monitoring is planned for summer.   

LHI myrtaceous plant ID guide will soon be available 
The LHIB will soon be releasing an introductory field guide to myrtaceous species on LHI. The guide aims to help readers recognise the symptoms of a myrtle rust infection, and identify both native and introduced plant species from the Myrtaceae family.

In both 2016 and 2023, the LHIB was first alerted to the presence of myrtle rust after it was reported by a community member. We thank everyone for their vigilance and recognise the importance of continued community education and involvement.