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15 Mar 2023

Lord Howe Island Board

Myrtle Rust Information Session this Thursday  

Come along to an information session this Thursday, 16 March from 5pm at the Community Hall.

We will screen the short documentary ‘Myrtle Rust - The Silent Killer’ by the Australian Network for Plant Conservation.

Myrtle rust experts Craig Stehn and Dr Angus Carnegie will also join the LHIB to present on:

  • What myrtle rust is and how to identify it
  • The impact and response to myrtle rust on the mainland
  • What has been done to safeguard our endemic Myrtaceae species

About the expert speakers

Hailing from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Craig is a Senior Threatened Species Officer and myrtle rust expert. He has worked on various conservation projects with the LHIB for nearly a decade and is responsible for overseeing the protection of many of our threatened species through the Saving Our Species program.

Angus is a Plant Pathologist and myrtle rust expert with the NSW Department of Primary Industries. His work focuses on biosecurity surveillance and forest health, which he has received a PhD in.

We look forward to the community and visitors coming together to learn more about the importance of eliminating the rust.

Yours Sincerely,

Suzie Christensen

Chief Executive Officer


Date: 15 March 2023