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The Lord Howe Island Local Environmental Plan 2010 provides for 25 new dwellings over a 20-year period from 2005 to 2025.
At the December 2022 meeting of the LHI Board, approval was given for the release of six dwelling entitlements. A process to allocate these entitlements has now been approved and will be implemented from July-October 2023.
The dwelling allocations will enable eligible Perpetual Leaseholders and a proposed new lessee, (who will be a person of the leaseholder’s choice), to jointly apply to build a new dwelling on an existing Perpetual Lease through sub-division or multiple occupancy of a property.

Applications will then be assessed for eligibility, and once confirmed, will be entered into the public ballot for a dwelling entitlement.

See 2023 Dwelling Allocations for key information, resources, and forms for the application process.