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Environmental education

Educating future environmental custodians

Environmental education plays a very important role in increasing community understanding and informing the future custodians of the environment.

Primary-level teaching resource

The Lord Howe Island Board and the LHI Central School have developed an education kit to raise awareness, understanding and support for conservation; and to engage students in the management of Lord Howe Island.

The kit is a structured and directed primary-level teaching resource that incorporates fact sheets, teacher activity plans, student activity sheets, identification guides, extension exercises and resources for a comprehensive learning experience.

The kit offers an interactive learning experience that is relevant to students located on Lord Howe Island and can be adapted and used by schools in mainland Australia.

The resource is designed to conform to the NSW Education and Communities curriculum, addressing some of the key learning areas in Connected Group A — Exploring Our Place.

The Lord Howe Island Education kit currently contains two modules:

  • Module 1 — Biodiversity
  • Module 2 — Threats.

Other modules are planned for the future.

Download the Education Kits