Development Consent

A Development Application (DA) is an application made to the Lord Howe Island Board seeking consent to carry out development including construction, demolition, change of use of a property or premises, subdivision or making alterations or additions to a property.

The DA is required so that the Board can assess the likely impacts of the proposal and ensure that the proposal:

Does all development on Lord Howe Island require development consent?

Under Part 1, Clause 9, of the LEP certain development that is of minor environmental impact may not require development consent subject to specific conditions being met.

Has Owner Consent been obtained?

Before lodging a DA, applicants must obtain Owner Consent for the proposed development.

Installing a New or Upgraded Wastewater System?

The Board has recently commenced implementation of the Lord Howe Island On-Site Wastewater Management Strategy (the Strategy).  Installation of new or upgraded wastewater systems requires development approval through the Development Consent processes. To streamline the process, the Board has prepared a checklist for use by Applicants which details the information required by the Board to allow a more rapid and full assessment of the Owner and Development Consents. Applicants may apply for Owner Consent and Development Consent at the same time, but the Development Application will not be considered until the Owner Consent has been determined.  

How do I lodge a Development Application?

The requirements for a DA are detailed in the Lord Howe Island Planning Application Lodgement Kit.

LHI Planning Application Lodgement Kit PDF 218 KB

Development Control Plan 2005 PDF 2.5 MB

Development Application Form PDF 159 KB

Statement of Environmental Effects Form PDF 532 KB

Modify a Development Consent Application Form PDF 121 KB

Onsite Wastewater Management System Checklist PDF 209 KB

How much will it cost to lodge a DA?

Submission of the DA must be accompanied with the relevant fees. Fees are calculated on a scale based on the contract value of the work or the market value of the labour and materials needed to complete the development. Once the fee is paid and the application is lodged a receipt and application number will be issued to the applicant.

What happens after I lodge my application? 

You will be advised in writing of the determination of your application. If your application is granted approval, you will be sent a copy of the development consent including conditions of consent and stamped approved plans. Should your application be refused, a refusal notice will be issued advising of the grounds for refusal.


 A disclosure statement of a reportable donation or gift must accompany a planning application or a  submission if the reportable donation or gift is made within two years before the application or submission is made. If a donation or gift is made after the lodgement of an application or submission, a disclosure statement must be sent to the relevant approval authority within seven days after the donation or gift is made.  This requirement ceases upon determination of the application. A person found guilty of an offence can be fined up to $22,000 and/or sentenced to 12 months in prison. The Lord Howe Island Board keeps a register of disclosures of political donations and gifts which may be viewed by any member of the public.

Further Information

Advice with regard to development on Lord Howe Island can be obtained from the LHIB Manager Environment & Community Development on 02 65632066.