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The Permanent Park Preserve is closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still experience what makes LHI unique.

While the LHIB undertake critical work to protect our walking tracks from myrtle rust, there are jaw-dropping moments to be discovered in every other corner of this World Heritage-listed paradise.


  1. Take your hike to the beach - Explore the coastline by meandering around rock pools, coral, curious rocky structures, and even challenge yourself to a jog on the sand for an adrenaline-boost. If you decide to walk the length of the lagoon foreshore, hold on to any plastic you might encounter to deposit in bins and plastic collection stations around the island.
  2. Dive in - Experience the globally unique marine life of LHI through any number of water sports activities. Hire snorkelling gear, feed the fish at Ned’s Beach, paddle board or kayak around Rabbit Island, surf and bodyboard at Blinky's Beach. Explore underwater trenches, caves, and volcanic drop-offs with a local dive operator. Boat tours are available for off-shore adventures, coral and turtle viewing, and snorkelling.
  3. Cast a line - You can hire a dedicated charter fishing boat for full, half-day, and private tours. As one of the world’s top fishing destinations, easily accessible shore-based fishing is also an option on LHI, with equipment available to hire in town. All forms of fishing are prohibited in sanctuary zones.
  4. Peddle those legs - Bike riding around the island is one of the best ways to soak up LHI’s diverse flora and fauna and enchanting landscapes. Stop off at Stevens Reserve into the night and you might just be able to spot glow-in-the-dark fungi.
  5. Travel through history - The Museum is a hub of artefacts and information on LHI’s conservation efforts and fiery beginnings as a volcanic island. A number of citizen science programs are on offer, from contributing to the sea slug census to beach plastic monitoring. Grab a bite to eat at the Coral Cafe while you’re there and absorb the Visitor’s Centre resources.
  6. Plan a day visit - The world’s tallest sea stack, Ball’s Pyramid, lies 23 km southeast of the island and is a popular spot for sightseeing and seabird watching, snorkelling, fishing and diving. Did you know that this volcanic island is the only known place where the Ballina angelfish can be sighted while scuba diving? Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs are also stunning destinations to book a once-in-a-lifetime scenic flight when the conditions are right.
  7. Bird watching - Stand in awe of the variety of charismatic local and visiting birds which make themselves at home on the island throughout the year. Tip-toe around muttonbird nests, and see how many endangered Woodhens you can spot.
  8. Sunset at Lovers Bay - Take a trip to this small, secluded cove at sunset to breathe in serenity and a view of the entire lagoon. Finding this grassy track on the south west coast of the island is part of its hidden charm. Flagstaff lookout and the jetty are also stunning vantage points to watch the sun go down over the ocean during summer.
  9. Get grilling - Unwind for lunch or at the end of a day of exploring at one of the many gas or wood fired barbies around the island. Most are stocked with dry, cut wood and food supplies are available from our general stores. Start early so you can relax with a long, lazy meal!
  10. Star gaze - Try your luck at naked-eye astronomy on a clear and cloudless night, when LHI’s zero light pollution allows for a captivating journey into the stars. Can you spot the Southern Cross?