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22 Mar 2023

As the community is aware, the Board has been working to minimise the risk of myrtle rust since it was re-discovered on Island on the 3rd February, 2023.

A temporary closure of the Permanent Park Preserve (PPP) was implemented on the 14th March 2023 after additional myrtle rust infections were detected in close proximity to the boundary of the PPP. This was done to allow for further treatment of active spores in the settlement before commencing systematic searches in the PPP, and to prevent spreading the fungus any further.

Additional support from National Parks and Wildlife Services arrived on Monday. With this additional manpower, the LHIB have been able to focus on several important steps to help reopen the PPP as soon as possible. This includes:

  • Finishing the third sweep of the settlement area for active myrtle rust.
  • Commencing sweeps in the PPP as a first step towards understanding a timeline for reopening.

Sweeps of the informal track network will begin once the formal track network has been searched.

A re-opening protocol is progressing, due Friday 24th March, to support a managed re-opening of the PPP and its track network. All other areas of the island are currently open to the community and visitors, and we will continue to provide regular updates on this evolving situation as it becomes available.

Please visit the LHIB Website for information and updates, including a map of currently open walking tracks, or email inquiries about the myrtle rust outbreak to [email protected].



Yours Sincerely,

Suzie Christensen

Chief Executive Officer