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Have your say- Skatepark design workshop and site walk on Wednesday, 15 November

Community members are invited to the LHI Skatepark Project design workshop and site walk on Wednesday, 15 November at the Community Hall Annex.

The goal of the session is to share ideas and enable you to provide input into the concept design of the space. 

The workshop (3:30pm-5pm) and site walk (5pm-6pm) will be run by specialist design agency Convic

Convic are a design and construction company delivering high-quality skateparks around the world and have been engaged to provide new concept designs for the Island’s Skatepark.

A community project to ‘meet, greet, and compete’

Dreamed up as a way to create a safe wellbeing and recreational space for youth and families, the Skatepark Committee was established in 2016 by community members.

A mailbox survey in 2017 confirmed the preferred site location to be the foreshore to the west of the LHI Central School.

Initial funds received from the Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF) Round 2 were not sufficient to fulfill the original design and the project was put on hold. 

When a development incompatibility arose with another project, grant funds were redirected towards making the skatepark a fully funded project again. 

A redesign of the skatepark took place to update the design with more modern techniques and materials.

With access to grant funds, LHIB will be able to make the community’s idea for a small sporting facility a reality. The Skatepark Committee continue to be involved in the development process in an advisory capacity.

Contact Luke Phillips-Page if you are unable to attend the workshop and have comments on potential design plans: [email protected].