Works Program

Each financial year the Lord Howe Island Board (LHIB) approves a program of works and maintenance activities through the establishment of the annual LHIB budget. The budget outlines the activities that will be undertaken by the Infrastructure and Engineering Services (IES) section of the Lord Howe Island Board during that budget period.

In the current financial year the IES Section has several planned activities identified including:

  • Commence the implementation phase of the LHI Energy Supply Road Map
  • Finalise the construction of the new Powerhouse
  • Plan the demolition of the old Powerhouse building
  • Increased road maintenance program
  • Commence wastewater system upgrades for LHIB properties

In addition to planned activities the IES Section often has to undertake works that are not on the planned program as a result of unforseen events such as damage as a result of storms etc. These unplanned events do unfortunately from time to time impact on planned activities as often resources are reassigned to these unplanned activities.