Wind Turbine Development Consent

The development application for the Lord Howe Island Hybrid Renewable Energy Project, Stage 2 - Installation of Wind Turbines, was approved by the Board at their November 2016 meeting, under a Deferred Commencement arrangement, whereby the project team needs to meet 4 conditions, before returning to the Board for a final decision. Many of the documents submitted as part of the Development Application are below. In addition, the Submissions Report is also provided, summarising the public submissions received and the project team’s response to address them.

The wind turbine aspect of the project is now proceeding to tendering to select the preferred type and number of wind turbines. Following this, a revised noise impact assessment and visual impact assessment will be undertaken. In addition, the Adaptive Management Plan for the wind turbines is to be prepared. As part of this, a panel of technical experts and community representatives will be convened to assist in preparing the Plan through the first half of 2017, and then overseeing the implementation of the Plan during construction and operation. 

Summary: Wind Turbine Environmental Report PDF 769 KB

Environmental Report: Statement of Environmental Effects PDF 7.3 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix A – Biodiversity Assessment PDF 10.6 MB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix A – Flora Species Lists PDF 156 KB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix B – Bird Impact Assessments PDF 7 MB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix C – Microbat Impact Assessment PDF 1.1 MB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix D – Database Search Results PDF 274 KB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix E – Threatened Species Evaluations PDF 179 KB

Biodiversity Assessment: Appendix F – Assessments of Significance PDF 213 KB

Environmental Report: Appendix B – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment PDF 24.7 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix C – Shadow Flicker Assessment PDF 3.7 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix D – Wind Turbine Noise Impact Assessments – Coral Bay Wind Turbine Generators PDF 3.8 MB - Updated 26/09/2016

Environmental Report: Appendix D – Wind Turbine Noise Impact Assessments – LHI Wind Turbine Generator Noise Impact Assessment PDF 9.5 MB - Updated 26/09/2016

Environmental Report: Appendix E – Aviation Impact Assessment PDF 4 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix F – Electromagnetic Interference Report PDF 3.8 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix G – Community Engagement Plan PDF 1.4 MB

Environmental Report: Appendix H – Technical Feasibility Study PDF 5.4 MB

Community Submissions Report PDF 756 KB