Removal or Destruction of Flora

The cutting, felling, removal, damage (including pruning) and destruction of native vegetation on Lord Howe Island requires prior approval from the Lord Howe Island Board in accordance with Clause 59(1) of the Lord Howe Regulation 2014. This excludes the harvesting of crops grown for human consumption or fodder, or the maintenance of an established garden, lawn or nature strip. The removal of exotic species does not require approval (providing the removal does not result in damage to native vegetation).

Approval to remove or prune native vegetation will be considered upon submission of a written request to the Lord Howe Island Board. A Board Officer will arrange a site inspection and undertake an assessment. Trees are assessed according to the risk of harm they pose to life or property.  Vegetation removal may also be approved where it is impacting solar access of solar systems or food production gardens and to enable maintenance of approved infrastructure.