The Noxious Weeds Inspection Process

As a Noxious Weed Control Authority, the Lord Howe Island Board conducts annual noxious weed inspections of perpetual and special leases to identify any noxious weed problems.

Leaseholders and / or occupiers will be contacted and advised that an inspection of their property will take place. A range of inspection dates will be provided. Leaseholders may be present during the inspection.

After an inspection, a letter is sent to the leaseholder to inform them of their noxious weed control obligations.

If no noxious weeds are found, you will receive a 'No Weeds Letter', but it is recommended that you regularly search your property for noxious weeds.

If any noxious weeds are identified on your property, you will receive a 'Weeds Found Letter' noting which weeds have been found and information to assist you in their control.

The property will be re-inspected and if the control works have been completed you will receive a 'Letter of Appreciation' from the Lord Howe Island Board.

If the control works have not been completed enforcement action may be initiated.