Environment and Passenger Levy

All visitors to the Island are required to pay an Environment Levy to the Board. For 2014/15 the Environment Levy has been set at $20.00 per sector, or $40.00 for a return ticket.

For those arriving by air with Qantaslink or Island Connection this levy is included in your ticket price. For those arriving by water, an amount of $40.00 per person will be collected when paying your mooring fees.

The Board uses funds from the Environment Levy to provide a range of services to improve your visitor experience whilst on the Island and to protect the natural environment.

The Environment Levy supports on-going environmental programs on the Island including weed control, protection of endemic threatened species and rehabilitation of habitat.

All BBQ facilities on the Island are available free of charge and stocked with pre-cut firewood and serviced on a regular basis. The supply of firewood at BBQ's means that you do not have to source combustible materials from the natural environment, protecting habitat for the Island's endemic flora and fauna.

Gas BBQ's are also available at Neds Beach and North Bay free of charge for your use.

The Board also uses funds from this levy for recycling and processing of waste on the Island. The Island has a diversion rate from landfill approaching 85%, one of the highest in Australia. The Waste Management Facility (WMF) uses a Vertical Composting Unit to process putrescibles, green and paper waste into compost used in revegetation and rehabilitation projects on the Island.

Crushed glass, scrap metals, plastics are recycled and packaged for transfer to the mainland by the MV Island Trader.  Non-recyclable waste is also transferred to the mainland to landfill at Port Macquarie.

Passenger Levies

Also included in your ticket price is a Passenger Levy of $30.00 per sector for 2014/15 ($60.00 for a return ticket). 

The Passenger Levy is used by the Board to maintain and upgrade the Island's terminal building and runway.