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Dwelling allocation eligibility criteria

Applications for dwelling allocations are to be a joint application between an existing Perpetual Leaseholder and a proposed new lessee. 

Strict eligibility criteria apply:

  1. The proposed new lessee, must have Islander status in accordance with the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 and must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. The proposed new lessee, must not currently hold, or have previously held, a Perpetual Lease on the island.
  3. The proposed new lessee, must complete and occupy a dwelling on the new lease within 5 years of being granted the lease.
  4. The proposed new lessee, must have their name added to the title of the lease (through subdivision, joint tenants or tenants in common) and comply with all associated residency conditions within a 5-year period of being granted the lease.
  5. Except in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Board, the Board will not recommend to the Minister the transfer of any Perpetual Lease granted through this ballot process unless a ten (10) year period has expired since the date of issue of the original lease.
  6. A new dwelling created under this provision must be occupied by the person specified in the application as the proposed occupant.
  7. Any development, including sub-division, must be permissible under the Lord Howe Island Local Environment Plan (LEP).
  8. Applications will be limited to one proposal only per existing P/L holder and one proposal only per proposed new lessee per allocation round period.
  9. The Perpetual Lease holder and the proposed new lessee or occupant of the dual/multiple occupancy, must reside on the Island at the time the applications are sought.
  10. Successful applications will be non-transferable.
  11. A one-off, $20,000 environment and services levy will apply to any dwelling created or constructed under this standard. This levy is payable within 12 months of the ballot being determined. 
  12. A one-off administration levy of $1200 is payable by all eligible successful applicants within 30 days of the ballot being determined.

The eligibility of applications will be assessed based on these requirements, before being entered into the public ballot.

Development Applications

If you are successful in the public ballot, your dwelling allocation plans will be subject to approval by Lord Howe Island Board in line with criteria from the standard Development Application (DA) process. 

To ensure you prepare and submit a complete application, learn more about the requirements of the standard Development Application process.  



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