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2023 Dwelling Allocations

Applications are closed and undergoing review

Are you a Lord Howe Island Perpetual Leaseholder?

If so, you may be eligible to submit a joint application in July 2023 with a person of your choice to build a new dwelling on an existing Perpetual Lease through sub-division or multiple occupancy of a property.

Lord Howe Island Board is releasing six dwelling entitlements. The application process is expected to run from July - November 2023. 

This webpage will be updated throughout the dwelling allocation process. Here, you can access information about the project, forms, and resources to help with your application.

Allocation Process Timings

The current timings for the 2023 dwelling allocations are:

  • 28 August - 30 October - Review of applications: Applications close on 27 August. Independent advisors from O'Connor Marsden will review applications. Eligible applicants will receive a letter of confirmation before entering a public ballot, drawn by an independent party alongside an appointed scrutineer in a public place.
  • From August - Feedback on applications: Provided by the Lord Howe Island Board.
  • November - Public Ballot: Date in early November to be confirmed. Formal notification of the ballot outcome will be provided.
  • 2023/2024: The release of a further 10 dwelling allocations will be reviewed. The Board is investigating the process for these applications. An update will be provided as soon as important planning work is complete.