Building Certification

What is a Building Certificate?

A Building Certificate is a certificate issued by the LHIB stating it will not make certain Orders or take certain action under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 or the Local Government Act 1993, to Order or take proceedings for an Order to have the building (covered by the certificate) to be demolished, altered, added to or rebuilt, or to take proceedings in relation to any encroachment by the building onto land under the control of LHIB, for a period of seven (7) years. A certificate is usually applied for when selling houses or other property.

Why do I want a Building Certificate?

Obtaining a Building Certificate for a property is a way a leaseholder, or potential purchaser, or a financial institution can be assured that the structural assets on the property are in reasonable repair, are safe, and have the approval of LHIB. A Building Certificate is often associated with the sale of the property, refinancing loans associated with the property, or the regulation of building works that may have been built without LHIB Approval.

Who can apply for a Building Certificate?

  • The Leaseholder(s) of the land on which the building is erected; or
  • Anyone having the Leaseholder(s) written consent; or
  • A solicitor or conveyancing agent acting for a purchaser or the owner; or
  • By a public authority that has notified the Leaseholder of its intention to apply for the certificate.

How do I apply for a Building Certificate?

You can apply for a Building Certificate by completing an application that can be downloaded below or picked up from the LHIB Administration Office.

What do I need to provide when applying for a Building Certificate?

Applicants need to provide the following:

A completed application form - which includes owner consent (if required) and includes access details (as Council will be required to inspect the property).

An original/certified copy of an original up to date survey report of the site which is in metric and is a true representation of all improvements on the land.

Building Certificate Fees & Charges

Building Certificate Fees are prescribed under Clause 260 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Reg 2000.

Building Certificate Application Form PDF 386 KB