Woodhen Survey 2012

Please be advised that the Board's environmental staff will be commencing the Woodhen survey on Monday 19th November. The survey which covers woodhen populations across the entire Island will be completed within 2 weeks (depending on weather). During this time Board staff will need to access private leases in the settlement area.

To ensure accurate records are maintained, it is very important that we can record every Woodhen in the settlement area. Any information you can give the Board staff regarding the Woodhens you have seen around your home will be greatly appreciated (for example, recording the band colors of the woodhens and passing this information on to Board staff).

Each banded mature Woodhen should have 4 bands (1 metal band and 1 colored band on the left leg and 2 colored bands on the right leg).

We apologise for any inconvenience that the survey may cause you. For further information, please contact Environment Unit Staff on 02 65632066.