Review of LHIB Policies

The Volunteer Policy provides a revised framework for managing volunteering and is consistent with the Board’s Corporate Plan, Operational Plan and grant commitments; and respects the rights and interests of volunteers and staff.

Download: Draft Volunteer Policy (DOCX) (778.18 KB)

The Pesticide Notification Plan sets out how the Board will notify members of the community of pesticide applications made by the Board to public places. The Plan describes:

  • what public places are covered by the Plan;
  • who regularly uses these public places and an estimate of the level of use;
  • how and when the Board will provide the community with information about its pesticide applications in public places (i.e. what notification arrangements will be used);
  • how the community can access this plan and get more information about the Board’s notification arrangements;
  • how future reviews of the Plan will be conducted; and
  • contact details for anyone wishing to discuss this Plan with the Board.

Download: Draft Pesticide Notification Plan (DOCX) (390.85 KB)

The revised Policies will be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days from Friday 22 May - Friday 19 June 2015.

Written submissions in relation to the policies should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Lord Howe Island Board, PO Box 5, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898.

The lodging of a submission is voluntary. However if you choose not to lodge a submission your views will not be taken into account by the LHIB in relation to this matter. Any information that you choose to provide to the LHIB will be used by the LHIB or its agents to process this matter. Once lodged with the LHIB the information you provide can be accessed by you and may also be available to third parties including other members of the public.