Pesticide Use Notification

The Lord Howe Island Board is planning to undertake targeted spot spray of Bitou Bush and Ground Asparagus on sea cliffs by helicopter. This program is scheduled to occur between 12th June to the 30th July. Weather conditions are looking suitable for the operation to be undertaken this Sunday and Monday (14th & 15th June 2015). However weather conditions between the mainland and LHI may change and prohibit the helicopter arriving on island, which will then require rescheduling of the program.

The program will operate between 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and is expected to be undertaken over twp days.

Tracks in the following areas will be temporarily closed, however track closures will be staged (starting in the north of the island and progressing south).

  • Malabar (Northern Hills) and Mt Eliza
  • Clear Place
  • Blinky Beach to Transit Hill lookout
  • Goat House
  • Smoking Tree Ridge
  • Little Island Track

Signs will be placed at track heads notifying time of closures and will be stationed with LHIB staff. Tracks will be open shortly after the operation ceases in the area.

Method: The spot spraying will be undertaken using a forward mounted lance spray apparatus on a helicopter.

Pesticides: Clear Up Bio 360® (non POEA surfactant)

Active Constituent: 360g/L GLYPHOSATE. Metsulfuron 600 WG®

Active Constituent: 600g/kg METSULFURON METHYL

Contact: Lord Howe Island Board (02 6563 2066)

Additional notice will be given the day before the activity on public notice Boards and by fax/email.