Notification of Pesticide Use 18/05/2012

Lord Howe Island Board Staff will be spraying pesticide on Friday 18 May 2012, weather permitting, along the lagoon foreshore for treatment of Ground Asparagus and other scrambling weeds.

Spraying will occur between 7.00am - 3.30pm


  • CLEARUP BIO 360® [Glyphosate 15ml/litre of water] +
  • Metsulfuron 600 WG® [ 1.5g/10 litres] +
  • Surfactant Pulse [1ml/Litre]
  • Spray Oil [1ml/Litre]
  • Bigfoot blue Dye [5ml/Litre]

Method: Herbicide/Pesticide products will be applied in a solution of water using a low pressure back pack sprayer.

For further information please contact Hank Bower, Manager Environment/World Heritage, Lord Howe Island Board on 02 65632066 or