Notification of Pesticide Use 17/05/2012 to 18/05/2012

Lord Howe Island Board Staff will be commencing control of Blue Periwinkle from roadsides within the settlement of Lord Howe Island. Other environmental weeds will be controlled coincident with this activity.

Works will be conducted on Thursday 17 May 2012 to Friday 18 May 2012.

Spraying will occur between 7.00am - 3.30pm.

Pesticide: Clearup Bio or Metsulfuron 600 WG

Active Constituent:

Clear Up Bio 360® (non POEA surfactant): 360g/L GLYPHOSATE

Metsulfuron 600 WG®: 600g/kg METSULFURON METHYL

Method/Herbicide: Infestations will be hand prepared for spot spraying by trimming back native plants to reduce off target damage. Blue Periwinkle will be foliar sprayed (spot application) with glyphosate & water at 1:75 (13.3ml/L) + metsulfuron methyl at 1.5g/10L of water (with non ionic surfactant - Pulse®). The spray solution will include a blue dye. Signs will be placed at either approach to the activity.

For further information please contact Hank Bower, Manager Environment/World Heritage, Lord Howe Island Board on 02 65632066 or