Notification of Pesticide Use 15/10/2013 to 30/05/2014

Lord Howe Island Board Staff will be re-commencing targeted baiting of African Big Headed Ants (ABHA) from Tuesday 15 October 2013 to Friday 30 May 2014, weather permitting, in the following locations:

  • All public areas;
  • Waste Management Facility;
  • Areas of Crown Land that have been identified as ABHA infestation sites.

The bait will be deployed in the best suitable weather between these dates. Signs will be displayed at all public access points during baiting operations.

Baiting will occur between 7:00am - 3:30pm for the treatment of African Big Headed Ants.

Pesticide: Amdro®

Active Constituent: 7.3g/kg Hydramethylnon

For further information please contact David Kelly, Manager Environment and Community Development, Lord Howe Island Board on 02 65632066 extension 18 or