Notice of Final Determination 22/05/2015

Critically Endangered Species (Part 1 of Schedule 1A)

  • Magnificent Helicarionid Land Snail Gudeoconcha sophiae magnifica Iredale, 1944
  • Master’s Charopid Land Snail Mystivagor mastersi (Brazier, 1872)
  • Mount Lidgbird Charopid Land Snail Pseudocharopa ledgbirdi (Etheridge, 1889)
  • Whitelegge’s Land Snail Pseudocharopa whiteleggei (Etheridge, 1889)

Copies of these Determinations, which contains the reasons for the determination, may be obtained free of charge on the Internet, by contacting the Scientific Committee Unit, PO Box 1967 Hurstville BC 1481. Tel: (02) 9585 6940 or Fax (02) 9585 6606, or in person at the Office of Environment and Heritage Information Centre, Level 14, 59-61 Goulburn Street, Sydney. Copies of the determination may also be obtained from National Parks and Wildlife Service Area Offices and Visitor Centres, subject to availability.


Dr Mark Eldridge


Scientific Committee