Draft Transfer of Perpetual Lease Policy - LHIB

The Lord Howe Island Board is seeking public comment with regard to a draft Transfer of Perpetual Lease Policy.

The purpose of the policy is to set out a process for transferring of perpetual leases in accordance with the requirements of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 (the Act). The policy also establishes a framework to guide the Board's consideration of the requirement in section 23(4) of the Act relating to applications to transfer perpetual leases to non islanders.

Download: Transfer of Perpetual Lease Policy - DRAFT (DOCX) (60.68 KIB)

Comments are to be submitted by mail to the Chief Executive Officer, Lord Howe Island Board, PO Box 5, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898 or by email to administration@lhib.nsw.gov.au by 4:30pm Monday 28 June 2013.

Please Note: The lodging of a comment is voluntary. However if you choose not to lodge a comment your views will not be taken into account by the LHIB in relation to this matter. Any information that you choose to provide to the LHIB will be used by the LHIB or its agents to process this matter. Once lodged with the LHIB the information you provide can be accessed by you and may also be available to third parties including other members of the public.

Stephen Wills

Chief Executive Officer

24 May 2013