Central Business District Bike & Car Parking Arrangements

Community feedback has indicated a desire to see some improvements for car and bike parking around the central business area.  Local Board members and Board staff have been working on a proposal and would now like community feedback.

These improvements are a temporary measure while longer term plans for the wider precinct, including the old powerhouse site, are prepared for Board and community discussion.

It is proposed to:

  1. Remove the planter boxes.
  2. Paint all existing line marking in black.
  3. Turn the bike racks 90 degrees to allow for more bikes.
  4. Delineate the bike parking area with 10 to 15 bolt down painted steel bollards. Small No Stopping signs would be mounted on some of the bollards, indicating that the area should always be kept clear of vehicles. 
  5. Realign the car parking spaces to 90 degrees to the kerb (rather than angled) and park rear to kerb.
  6. Create a disabled car park space on the Hall side of the Anchorage driveway, with a painted stencil on the road surface.
  7. Stencilled signs painted in yellow on the concrete kerb from the Beach Boutique to the old powerhouse building, indicating a No Parking area. This allows for people to stop and post a letter, but not to park for any period of time.

A plan of the proposed works is on the rear of this notice.

The proposed work continues to rely on self-regulation of vehicle use in this area by residents with vehicles and by hire car providers.

We are interested in your comments on the proposal, keeping in mind the temporary nature of the works and the need to keep costs to a minimum. All comments should be put in writing to the CEO at the Board or via administration@lhib.nsw.gov.au and be received by close of business Friday 21st February 2014.          

We also welcome your suggestions on community reuse of the planter boxes.

Download: CBD Parking Plan (PDF) (4.8 MB)