From Weeds to Glory!

When you visit North Bay and glance up at the surrounding hillslopes you wouldn't think that there us a creeping menace lurking there in. The LHIB has been removing the invasive weed Bridal Creeper from the area for some time. It is a Weed of National Significance, is difficult to control and it is something that we cannot ignore. If we don't keep at it, this weed could consume the islands vegetation

The Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA) has provided funding to control the widespread and dense Bridal Creeper infestations for over 2 successive years. Recently in August this year, follow-up spot spraying was undertaken with the NRCMA  'From Weeds to Glory' project. The results have been fantastic in further depleting seedling and corm beds and stopping plants fruiting at a large scale. When working in the Northern Hills there are some great views to be had, however all areas have to be treated and that involves working through dense low scrub which can be tough work. The result however are the protection of Lord Howe Islands natural assests.