Weed Team Helping to Defend Paradise from Weeds

Up to 362 hectares have been searched and controlled of target weeds. This is a great result as we are on line to hit our goal of 440 hectares by June 30 this year.

Another good result is the noted reduction in weed density with an average of only seven mature guavas removed per hectare compared to an average of 80 mature guavas per hectare from 2005/06.

This recent work is largely funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and the Lord Howe Island Board. We are reporting on the first year of a three year grant and we hope to be in a favorable position for the release of year two funds.

All involved deserve a big thank you for their effort in working to help keep Lord Howe a special place and free of invasive weeds.

Areas Worked from July 2012 to May 2013
Transit Hill 55.46 2108
Malabar 75.23 2449
Lidgbird South 40 981
Lidgbird Remote 32 589
Lidgbird North 106.2 2703
Intermediate Hill 49.6 975
Gower 4 274
TOTAL 362.5 10079