Rodent Program Update

The planning and approvals stage for the rodent eradication has commenced and will be undertaken over the next two years.

The Project Manager’s position is now being advertised because the existing Project Manager, Pete McClelland, is not able to return to the Island for health reasons. However Pete will continue with the Program from off the Island in reviewing strategies and plans until the Project Manager position is filled, and then be available for advice and consultation after that.

An Assistant Program Manager position has also been advertised and recruitment is already well underway for this position.

The key tasks for the planning and approvals stage, and then only if approvals are obtained, for the actual eradication are summarised below:

Stage 1 – Planning and approvals – up to 2 years

  • Assemble personnel to undertake the work on the next stages
  • Review the Rodent Eradication Plan to ensure that it takes into consideration all new information since it was drafted in 2009
  • Develop individual property plans, which will inform the eradication plan and the approval process. This will involve a detailed property by property consultation with individual leaseholders and residents.
  • Undertake any necessary studies required for the approval process, including independent health assessment
  • Finalise detailed planning and all necessary risk assessments;
  • Obtain required permits and approvals, update and finalise operational details;

Stage 2 – Implementation and evaluation of the eradication plan

If all the necessary approvals are obtained, the eradication plan will be implemented in winter 2017 over a three month period. In summary the key tasks leading up to and during this stage are:

  • Prepare tenders and contracts
  • Establish monitoring programs
  • Captive management of selected non target species
  • Carrying out the baiting operation
  • Environmental monitoring

Regular updates will be given to all the Island community along the way about where things are up to in the process and what the results are of any studies and assessments.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to have a chat about any part of the process and provide any information that I am able to.


Penny Holloway

Chief Executive Officer