Request For Quotes - Photography & Drone Imagery

The Lord Howe Island Board is seeking quotes from appropriately skilled individuals with an ABN to deliver one or more of the following services in order to record the progress and completion of the Solar PV Hybrid Renewable Energy Project.

  1. Still photography
  2. Drone stills and footage
  3. Time lapse photography

Quotes are to be submitted by 5pm Friday 09 October 2020 to A brief description of the scope of work is provided below. The work is to be delivered at appropriate points in the construction program (between now and November) and / or upon project completion (from December onwards). Ownership of the digital files will reside with Lord Howe Island Board for use as the Board sees fit and appropriate.

Access to the site will only be permitted with an individual authorised to provide access. This is a construction site, so individuals within the fence perimeter will need to be accompanied at all times. Visits to site will need to be pre-booked.

  1. Still Photography: The Board is looking for images that will capture the context of the installation in the Island environment, for example sacred kingfisher perched upon the edge of panels / wood hens foraging beneath, images that include the agricultural context, the forest edge or adjacent sea scape. The images will be used for Knowledge Sharing activities to promote the project in accordance with the ARENA funding, by the Lord Howe Island Board, and for tourism promotion.

    Outputs: 20 photographs to be taken upon project completion. Photos are to be provided in high-resolution digital format ready for use (ie: already touched up) in .jpg file formats, and one low format (suitable for web) .jpg file of each image. Input and ideas will be sought from the appointed photographer/s with the final 20 images to be agreed upon prior to delivery
  2. Drone stills and footage: Drones are not permitted to fly over the installation due to the risk posed to both individuals and the infrastructure. Footage will need to be taken on a route around the perimeter of the site. The successful candidate be required to obtain any permits or approvals required to deliver the scope of works given the location’s proximity to the airport. Timing will be subject to the construction program.

    Outputs: 20 stills are to be provided and up to 10 short video clips of varying lengths (10sec up to 1min).
  3. Time lapse photography: This would focus on the construction of the western array to capture the installation of piles, racking and panels over a series of weeks, with a view to having time-lapse of the completion of this package of works. The successful candidate would need to advise of their method of image capture and if a static installation is required, they must arrange that. The Board can facilitate, but will not be responsible for construction of the installation. Any equipment left on site is to be at the owner’s risk.

    Outputs: One time-lapse of the western array. Angle and logistics to be agreed. File format to be discussed and agreed before commencement.

Please submit quote responses using the Request for Quotes - Photography & Drone Imagery Form PDF 121 KB outlining business and contact details, the submitted price for any of the services outlined above, and comments regarding inclusions / exclusions or deviations from the specification in the Comments section.