Proposed Amendment to Lord Howe Island LEP

The proposal is to rezone the Lord Howe Island Board Palm Nursery site from Zone 5 Special Uses to Zone 2 Settlement. The Board Palm Nursery site is on Part Portion 30 and 279 off Middle Beach Road, Lord Howe Island.

Rezoning the land to Zone 2 Settlement will enable the site to be used for private purposes.

You can view the planning proposal and find out more at:

The closing date for submissions is Friday 6 December 2013.

If you cannot lodge your submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure online, you can write to the Regional Director, Department of Planning and Infrastructure, Locked Bag 9022, Grafton NSW 2460. Your submission needs to include:

  • Your name
  • Your address (top of the letter only)
  • The name of the planning proposal
  • A statement on whether you support or object to the planning proposal and why.

All submissions received will be made public in line with the Department of Plannning and Infrastructure’s objective to promote an open and transparent planning system. If you want the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to delete your personal information before publication, please make this clear at the top of your letter.

Before making a submission, please read the Department of Plannning and Infrastructure’s privacy statement at or call 1300 305 695 to obtain a copy.

Download: Proposed Amendment Advertisement (PDF) (40.08 KB)

Download: LHI Amendment Comparison (PDF) (339.32 KB)

Download: Planning Proposal (PDF) (2.49 MB)