Product Recall - Eaton Industries P/L Quicklag Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

The Lord Howe Island Board SEO Greg Higgins has been notified of a recall notice for the following Eaton Quicklag Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers commonly used in both commercial and residential electrical installations. These RCBO’s have the potential to become a fire hazard under certain fault conditions due to a non compliant material used in the manufacture of the RCBO’s.

The Board advises residents and business owners to promptly check their meter boxes to see if they have this type of circuit breaker installed. If your RCBO is a recalled product, please contact the Senior Electrical Officer Greg Higgins on 02 65632080 who will clarify replacement options.

The affected models can be easily identified by the presence of a “GREEN” test button, as shown in the images below. Products without a test button or with a red or blue toggle are not affected by this recall.

The Board advises that customers need only undertake a visual check of the circuit breakers to identify faulty RCBO’s. The removal of covers or wiring is not required for faulty product identification and should only be carried out by a licensed electrician.

If customers still require clarification after undertaking the visual check please contact the Senior Electrical Officer on 02 65632080 for further assistance.

Andrew Logan


Date: 9 February 2017