Planning Proposal to amend the LHI Local Environment Plan 2010

In September 2014, the Board considered a Planning Proposal to amend the LHI Local Environmental Plan, 2010 (LEP).

The amendment is to provide residents and business owners with a simple and more efficient process when they upgrade their domestic and commercial wastewater management systems, in line with the Lord Howe Island Board’s On-Site Wastewater Management Strategy.

The planning proposal specifically sought to amend the LEP to define wastewater management systems and enable development for such purposes as ‘exempt development’ on land zoned 2 Settlement and ‘development with consent’ on land zoned 1 Rural, 5 Special Uses, 6 Recreation and 7 Environmental Protection.

The Planning Proposal was placed on public exhibition for one month from 15 January to 15 February 2015 through the Department of Planning and Environment