Palm Seeding 2011

The Board requires howea forsteriana palm seed for planting at the Nursery.

Collection of palm seed for the 2011 season will commence on Thursday 17 November 2011 and will close on Friday 16 December 2011. All seed is to be delivered to the Nursery by 2:00pm.

Persons intending to collect seed must hold a current contract with the Board, or be an employee of a person holding a current contract with the Board. All contractors engaged by the Board will be responsible for the conduct of any employee engaged by the contractor for the collection of seed.

Persons awarded a contract may collect seed from Vacant Crown Land, any land dedicated as a reserve or land within the Permanent Park Preserve. Seed must not be collected from land which is the subject of a Perpetual Lease, Special Lease or Permissive Occupancy unless an arrangement has been entered into with the leaseholder. Collection of seed in authorised areas will be on a first come first in basis.

Leaseholders may sell seed collected from their own lease directly to the Board.

Rates: $160 per bushel

All enquiries in relation to seeding should be directed the Board's Nursery Manager, Matthew Hill, on (02) 65632161.