Old Powerhouse Site Remediation Plan

As part of the Round One Stronger Country Communities Fund program (SCCF), the LHIB was successful in being granted $435,000 to remediate the Old Powerhouse Site, following a submission that included detailed concept plans based on initial community consultation.

The Board recently received draft construction plans based on our submitted application information and detailed concept plans. These plans are included via householder and on the Board’s website, as we seek further community comment before the plans are finalised.

The grant conditions require the project to be substantially completed by June 2019. The funds provided cannot be exceeded and, given the unknown underground conditions of the site, will be very tight. It is possible that if the costs are higher than anticipated due to this, the completed works will have to be reduced from that shown in the plans. Minor changes to the design can still be made if required, as long as any changes reflect our SCCF application submission.

Submissions should be lodged by the close of business on Friday 21 December 2018.  Late applications will not be considered.

Please email your project suggestions to administration@lhib.nsw.gov.au or contact John Teague on 6563 2066 if you have any questions.

Draft Construction Plan - Old Powerhouse Site Remediation  PDF 923 KB