New Public Health Order 16 June 2020

A new Public Health Order for Lord Howe Island has been signed by the Minister for Health and Medical Research.

The new Order is effective from 18 June until 3 August 2020 unless repealed earlier. This means that the current restrictions to access and the requirements to quarantine continue. A copy of the new Order is attached.

A new category of person in addition to those previously allowed can access the island and this is described as “persons required to provide services to persons on the island”. It is understood that this allows for more people outside the category of essential services, such as tradespersons and others. The exact definition of this category is yet to be fully clarified. Quarantine would continue to be a requirement unless exempted by the Minister (or his delegate).

Applications to access the island continue to require approval and applications forms can be found on the homepage of the Board’s website. However, these and the policy will need to be amended to reflect the new Order and its provisions and this may take a few days.

Strong medical advice is that those in quarantine need to exercise for their physical and emotional wellbeing. It has been a concern to some when they see a person in quarantine outside their property. It is stressed that this is allowable as long as “the person is able to avoid close contact with other persons”.