Lord Howe NOW

Skills and Passions Survey

A Skills and Passions Survey was sent out to community members in August and the community has responded with great enthusiasm! People have identified many skills they are willing to teach and share with others within the community and have also identified a variety of things they would like to learn.

The types of activities and interests being returned include things such as: gardening, sewing, art, crafts, dancing, sailing, surfing, cheese-making, calligraphy, resume writing, computer skills, CPR, marine biology, welding, digital photography, kayaking, Zumba and even zoology!

A number of groups are currently being established with interested community members.

  • A Community Garden Group will be meeting to look at a variety of community garden models that may be suitable for the island.
  • A number of Computer Skills Workshops aimed at individual skill levels will be commencing soon. Stay Tuned!!
  • A Discovery Day Celebration Group will be gathering to discuss ways in which we can increase community celebratory activities on the day.

If anyone would like to participate in any of these groups, or, to obtain a Skills and Passions Survey form please contact a member of your Community Development Group, Lord Howe NOW or Lee Rogers on 6563 2066